Cost-effective solutions and targeted services

Microclima works in the civil and industrial sector, offering services dedicated to specific business groups and tailored to the customer needs.

Our expertise regards cross- industrial and civil activities: church communities, lenders and banks, hotels, public and private institutions, commercial sector.
After the first phase of study, our experts, deal with the most appropriate plant design according to the technical and environmental needs of the concerned area, in accordance with the regulations and ensuring the minimum energy consumption.

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Designs, builds, restores and deals

The Microclima company designs, builds, restores and deals with the after-sale maintenance of technological systems in the field of civil and industrial air conditioning and mechanical equipment in general. It is dedicated to business groups operating in various areas of expertise.

An industrial and / or civil plant is a complex structure that should be able to manage temperature and air and water quality in large environments with many people and lot of equipment.

Microclima designs and builds plants to meet these needs, thereby optimizing the energy consumption without impacting much on the company’s balance sheet.
The technical staff of Microclima s.r.l. provide a comprehensive package of periodic or extraordinary assistance with availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on dedicated phone lines.

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